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Moving Messaging and Collaboration to Office 365

If you're choosing to read this whitepaper, it’s probably safe to say you’re considering moving your current Exchange and/or SharePoint implementations to Office 365. Office 365’s allure of mobility, ease of use, simplified administration, and lowered costs all make it an excellent choice.

But, the larger concern is how difficult will it be to get there?

Like any migration, you already recognize that there will be planning, challenges, mistakes, and even some major changes along the way. So knowing what trials lie ahead will be helpful, so you can plan accordingly now.

To put the migration (and all the challenges that come with it) into perspective, let’s cover the migration from three different angles, comparing the pros and cons of each of these three angles:

  • Benefits vs. Cost

  • Reward vs. Risk

  • The Plan vs. The Work

Read the entire whitepaper here.

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