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Friends With Benefits - and the Problems They Create

Every business has important partners that it engages on an ongoing basis. Today, the overwhelming majority of interactions between important business allies take place electronically. It’s very common, for example, for partners to have the log-in credentials to any number of companies with whom they engage. But there’s a downside to all this electronic coziness: the risk of data, applications and network compromise.

Remember the Target attack? It all started when an outside HVAC contractor with Target network credentials was attacked. Not long after, cyber thieves found themselves inside Target’s corporate systems. Similarly, Home Depot was compromised when one of its vendor partners was breached.

In this recorded webinar, hear from industry expert and found of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalancia, as he discuses the best practices, policies, and technologies that will help you show your customers how they can avoid a similar fate.

Watch the recorded webinar here.

Techvangelism in Action
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