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Future-Proofing Your Data Protection Strategy

With recent advances in virtualization and data center technology, data protection remains among the top three purchase priorities for mid-market companies. With that, many questions surface: How should IT professionals evaluate the myriad of vendors claiming lower RTOs and RPOs? What differentiates cloud DR from other cloud storage solutions? And more importantly, how do you ensure your data protection strategy remains valid for many years to come? In this recorded webcast, hear from industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalancia, and Justin Moore, CEO of Axcient as they discuss:

  • Trends in server virtualization and data protection

  • How to look at different data protection solutions based on your individual requirements

  • How companies are leveraging the cloud to achieve more than data protection and elevate to true IT resiliency

Watch the recorded webcast here.

Techvangelism in Action
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