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Protecting Windows Endpoints: It's The Least You Should Do

Your endpoints – both your workstations and servers – represent some of the most exposed attack targets on your network. By accessing email and the web, these machines can entertain a direct line to malicious code. And users requiring varying levels of elevated privileges place IT in the precarious position of balancing the potential risk to the network with the needed productivity of the user.

So, how do you protect your endpoints while still keeping users productive?

In this recorded webinar, hear from industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalancia, as he engages with you, the audience, to discuss:

  • Security vs Productivity: What's the right level of privileges on Windows endpoints?

  • How to block malicious activity in a privileged world

  • Just how much monitoring of elevation and actions is needed?

Watch the recorded webcast here.

Techvangelism in Action
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