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Auditing 2.0: 3 Ways to Take Your Auditing to the Next Level

You've performed countless audits for your critical systems, like AD, Exchange, file systems, and others, and think you have it down by now. But how do you know you're capturing all changes that an auditor needs?

In this recorded webinar, hear from industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, Nick Cavalancia, as he discusses what the most common items asked for by auditors are, and then help you prepare for the dreaded next-level questions. You've conquered Auditing 1.0, now it's time for Auditing 2.0.

You will walk away from this webinar being able to answer the following questions:

  • What really constitutes an Audit?

  • Documentation: How much detail is necessary?

  • Audit timeframes: When should you be ready to be audited and how long should it take?

Watch the recorded webcast here​.

Techvangelism in Action
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