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Print Management in the Modern Era

I think it’s safe to say the printing landscape for most IT Pros has changed. Businesses have shifted from bricks and mortar to a distributed workforce, and printing today is more about where the print job needs to go than where the user is.

So the question becomes what’s the right way to setup and configure printing that accomplishes a couple of things - lowers IT support costs, raises user productivity, and simplifies the printing environment for both IT and users?

In this interactive webcast, I'm joined by Jarrett Taylor, CTO of PrinterLogic as we discuss the challenges (and benefits) of some very effective printing models used today. We'll also discuss just how possible is it to eliminate print servers and all print-related WAN traffic, provide seamless mobile printing and empower users to install their own printers, all while centrally managing your entire print environment.

Watch the recorded webcast here.

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