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Office 365 - When the Hype and Reality of Email Security & Availability Collide

You have to admit it’s tantalizing to say the least – exchanging (bad pun intended) the headache of implementing, managing, supporting, and updating Exchange for the lure of the simplicity of Exchange online within Office 365.

But, when you get there, does the reality match the hype?

You each have legitimate concerns with issues around security and availability, as you would for any system, so the question "Just what should I expect and what’s available to compensate for any shortcomings?" needs to be answered before you can jump in with both feet.

In this webcast, sponsored by Mimecast, I'm joined by fellow industry verteran J. Peter Bruzzese to discuss the realities of messaging security and availability with Office 365, including:

  • Current trends around targeted threats and spear phishing across devices

  • Three reasons you still need archiving

  • What aspects of Office 365 should be highly available?

Watch the recorded webcast here.

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