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Pizza, Slow Delivery, Data Protection, and You


Pizza delivery has a history of getting a bad rap. We’ve all experienced long hold times, limited topping choices, late delivery, and, in the end, wrong orders or, worse - cold pizza. Backup/Recovery can also get a bad rap when it comes to delivering on promises of quick recovery, business continuity, and agility to adapting to mixed server environments. In this uniquely creative (and completely pizza-themed) webcast, I join Mike DiMeglio from Unitrends and discuss how your current backup/recovery environment is a lot like bad pizza delivery, including:

  • No two orders are the same, so you need more options than just “cheese”

  • Why delivery is (usually) so slow

  • You expect the “order” to be right the first time

Watch the recorded webcast here.

#webinar #dataprotection #datarecovery #backup #tia

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