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Business Recovery, Step 3: Continuous Recovery

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In my last article, I discussed how some applications are so critical, they need to be recovered using timeframes in terms of minutes – even when there’s no hardware available – making virtual disaster recovery (VDR) the second step towards building a solid business recovery program for your clients.

VDR is useful in addressing the need to meet a particularly restrictive recovery time objective (RTO), but what about when a system is so critical that it has an equally restrictive recovery point objective (RPO)?

For example, your client’s business relies on the data in a particular database that, if restored to say, 4 hours ago, would cause a material negative impact on business operations. So the RPO and RTO for this particular system is as close to now as is possible.

Is it possible to meet an RTO/RPO combination defined in just minutes of time?

Read the entire article at MAXFocus here.

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