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Make the Connection

Between Problem and Solution

Engage your audience with a StorySurvey™ - a turnkey marketing asset using survey data designed to tell your story.

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One Asset. So Many Uses.

No other marketing asset engages at so many points in the buyer's journey. The StorySurvey report can be used for lead and demand generation, PR, sales follow-up, and more. Use the survey findings to enhance webinars, blogs, analyst briefings, and sales. 

Start With the Result


We begin with the resulting story that establishes a need for your product, gains the appropriate media attention, and engages customers to pay attention to your voice.

How It Works

We use a simple 4-step turnkey process to create your compelling story.

Build the Survey


Each question in the survey helps to build the story you want told. That's why we work with you to create an impartial survey where the results do all the talking.

Collect Responses


We make this a turnkey process - from hosting the survey, to creating the invitation email. All you need to do is send the email to your prospect base.

Create the Report


We create a report that does more than just cite the stats; the StorySurvey report drives customers to the desired conclusion, using the results to make the case.

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