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Hyper-V: Enhance Your Virtualization Experience

Virtualization was something that was supposed to simplify our lives. And, in some ways, it has, but in others it’s complicated things. In it’s early days, virtualization was as easy as a single server and a few VMs, but today’s virtualization has multiple hypervisors, clusters, server farms, virtualized or shared storage, and the list goes on.

And now that you sort of have what you have in terms of a virtual infrastructure, you’re tasked with protecting every bit of data – whether at a hypervisor level, a VM, an application or even a file level.

This, of course, gives you both options and headaches. With so many levels possible, you now need to figure out to enhance the recovery of your virtualization experience as it were, and determine whether just data protection will do the job, or if your organization needs something more, like DRaaS or even RaaS (and if you don’t know the difference – don’t worry, it's all covered in this webcast.)

And that’s what Mike DiMeglio from Unitrends and I talk about and try to get to the bottom of.

Watch the recorded webcast here.

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