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Virtual Data Protection: Which Way Is the Right Way?

Virtualization has more than just allowed you to run multiple VMs on a single physical machine; it’s ushered in an era where even the smallest company can host the most complicated multi-tiered applications. And while for some of you virtualization does just mean having a few guest OSes on a hypervisor, for others it’s a more complex mix of clusters and server farms – all of which need to be protected in case of the need for recovery.

And with that complexity comes the question of how to properly backup and recover each part of your virtual infrastructure. And the data protection possibilities don’t exactly make it any more simple – with support for backing up and recovering at multiple levels, and the addition of using the cloud as a recovery target, it’s no surprise there can be some confusion.

So what’s the right way? Or, better asked - is there one right way?

To find out, I join Mike DiMeglio from Unitrends to investigate the many ways to protect your virtual environment by looking at the various levels of backup and recovery granularity and their impact on your ability to protect your virtual environment.

Watch the recorded webcast here.

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