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From Downgraded to Dead: Monitoring Application Performance

There’s a lot of focus today on business continuity, usually with an emphasis on disaster recovery. But I think you’ll agree, the fires, floods, and hurricanes of the world are few and far between. But let’s stay on the idea that your business needs to run continuously for a moment. when you think about it from an application perspective, the idea of continuity takes on a bit of a different medium.

It certainly can be about whether an application is running or not, but given the complexities of multi-tiered applications, the concept of the application becomes a bit muddled and generalized from, say, a user’s perspective. And to add to the continuity concept, there’s something to be said about an underperforming application and it’s impact on the business.

So what’s the best way to approach monitoring applications to ensure business continuity, as well as application performance?

In this educational webcast, I'm joined by Aaron Kelly from Ipswitch as we discuss how to properly monitor the performance of your Microsoft applications. Topics include:

  • Why monitoring provides more value than just “red light/green light” information

  • What should you be monitoring (it’s more than you think)

  • How a multi-level, dependency-driven monitoring approach produces well performing applications

Watch the recorded webcast here.

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