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Enterprise Mobility Management And The SMB: Gaining The advantage

It’s right there in the name - Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). You read the name and think about the size of your company being nowhere near an “enterprise” and that a solution of that caliber simply isn’t for you. EMM’s earlier iteration, Mobile Device Management (MDM) with features like automatic provisioning, remote wipe, and configuration management may sound like a great fit, but with MDM evolved to EMM (with the addition of mobile application and content management), has the SMB simply been left behind?

In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss how implementing EMM within your company (at a reasonable SMB-centric price point, of course) can gain you three distinct advantages over SMBs not using EMM, in the areas of Security, Productivity, and Cost.

Read the entire white paper here.

Client: NaviSite

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