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Content Management: It's Time To Rethink Your Approach

How many files do you think your company has?

Would you guess in the tens or hundreds of thousands? Millions? If you’re like most companies, you really have no idea. You may lean on the fact that you have a content management solution in place, but it’s far more likely that it’s largely going unused. If you were to be asked what document management (DM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution you have, you would probably have a very specific answer of what platform (or platforms) your company uses, whereas, if you asked an end-user, they may very well just tell you they store files in their My Documents folder, or “up on the H: drive”.

As you already know, the entire point of having content management in place is to create efficiencies around creating, finding, and retaining content. But it needs to be used by everyone for those efficiencies to come to fruition.

So, what’s the right approach to ECM to get there?

Read the entire white paper here.

Client: NaviSite

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