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Pitching Disaster Recovery

I recently finished an 8-step series on business recovery, where I covered a number of methodologies that would not only enhance your recovery offering, but provide better data protection for your customers. Assuming a few of those are appealing and can be applied to your customer base, the next logical step is to market these services.

Having 10 years of experience as a Marketing VP in the tech space, as well as being a former owner of two service organizations, marketing the benefits of a technical solution comes easy to me. But it may not for you. So, I thought I’d tack on some thoughts on how to best promote disaster recovery.

Selling the Disaster

Unless the customer already buys into the fact that a disaster of some nature is coming, disaster recovery can be one of the hardest things to sell. So here are a few recommendations to use when having the discussion with a customer:

  • Stay away from Fear – By now, everyone has heard of the term FUD. A pitch based on FUD is not only going to fail, but wouldn’t produce the right result in the long run anyway. If you were to sell DR based on FUD, you’d have an overcommitted customer who purchased way too much DR service from you with buyer’s remorse. Eventually, they’d be unhappy with the service and you risk losing that customer because you “coaxed them into it.” Instead, you want an educated customer to respond with their specific needs based on facts and business value.

Read the entire article at MAXFocus here.

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