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Business Recovery, Step 7: Bare Metal Recovery

We’re nearly at the end of this series of articles covering the ways you can improve business recovery, while increasing your service revenue. I’ve covered a number of ways to recover entire machines using virtualization as both a platform for disaster recovery, for continuous recovery, and in cases where going virtual to virtual makes sense.

While virtualization plays a dominant role in the infrastructure for many of your customers, some still have specific servers still running on dedicated physical hardware. This is usually due to reasons of server or disk performance. So if one of these physical servers goes down, your customer may not be willing to take advantage of your virtualization-based recovery options. Instead, they want the physical server to be recovered as is.

A server this critical needs to be thought of not in terms of files, or an application data set, but in terms of the server as a whole. That’s where Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) starts – with the idea that you’re going to recover the entire server with only a “bare metal” system (that is, the server hardware, but no OS, applications, nothing) to begin with.

Read the entire article at MAXFocus here.

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