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Business Recovery, Step 5: File Level Recovery

In my previous article (in this 8-step “recovery” program for businesses) I talked about the recovery of critical files, the recovery point objectives (RPOs) for them, and how file versioning helps meet the customer need to recover files that simply don’t change very often.

But most files don’t fall into the “this is critical, but it doesn’t change much” category; I think you’ll agree that most fall into the “I created this once and never touched it again” category. So are these files important and, if so, what services should you provide around file level recovery?

Think about all of the files stored on file servers – those stored in folders accessed by a user, a team, or a department. Files that, while aren’t absolutely critical to the business, make up the sum total of years of work done outside an enterprise application – and are important to an individual or team using them. Those are the files we want to ensure are recoverable. Without them, individual contributors and teams may be set back in their workload for days, weeks or months.

Since this data set represents a ton of “one-off” work, is there a proper way to plan to recover these files?

Read the entire article at MAXFocus here.

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