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Desktop as a Service (DaaS): It Just Might Be Your Best Option

With the advent of the cloud, nearly everything from infrastructure to software is available “as-a-Service.” And we’ve now reached a point in the development of cloud technologies that it’s not only possible to put the desktop up into the cloud and make it available ”as-a-Service”, but even provide a virtual desktop experience that rivals – or even surpasses – that of a PC. In this presentation, I join VMware’s Josue Fontanez to discuss the major business challenges of managing remote users, multiple locations, and the ever changing desktop endpoint. They then go on to explain how delivering Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) can help IT departments overcome all the challenges of delivering desktops, data and applications to remote users – and why it might be your best option to do so. Learn more about:

  • How DaaS technology has developed

  • Controlling desktop management costs

  • Myths surrounding on-premise desktop deployment

Watch the recorded webcast here.

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