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Three Basic Steps to Avoid Hacker Attacks

In the wake of so many security breaches, each news report seems to always focus on two things and two things only: The number of people/credit cards/passwords etc affected and the cause of the breach. Take a database breach at Comixology – the “cause” was a hacked database. Not surprising, as the 2013 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report cites 92% of breaches involve outsiders and 52% of those breaches involved hacking.

Like most breaches, we’re never given more detail on exactly what facilitated the hacking. Was it an unpatched server, an insecure password or too little permissions assigned? Regardless of the reason, IT’s involvement or lack thereof (as in the case of not patching a server) comes into play in the case of establishing insecure passwords or security settings.

Read the entire article at Netwrix here.

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