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The Great Debate - Image vs. File-Based Backups

As an advocate for your customers, it’s critically important to you that the solutions you implement have your customer’s best interest at heart. After all, the moment you stop putting them first, they’ll stop depending on you, right?

So, when it comes to backups, the most important point in time is when you select the solution you’ll use. That inflection point is going to determine whether you are going to be successful at recovering that Excel spreadsheet, the SQL database, or the entire business. And it’s important to remember that when each of those “disasters” (admittedly, some less “disastrous” than others…) occur, you need to be able to address them with equal levels of speed, intensity and deliverability.

Usually service providers (and customers) are concerned about where their data is backed up to. There are a number of places to choose from, such as the cloud, local disk, and a combination therein. The more important issue to address (that will impact the success or failure of you providing services to your customer) is the what gets backed up. And by that I mean the battle of backing up images or files.

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