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5 Reasons Your Tradeshow Presenter Should Be Technical

Every booth at a tradeshow has one: someone who delivers the company presentation. Many companies hire a professional presenter to be engaging, personable and well-spoken.

But when it comes to tech companies, is that enough?

The tech buyer knows when someone is non-technical in the same way you know when you ask a waiter "is the steak any good" and fumble their answer that they've never had it. This instantly puts your presentation into question - the buyer realizes the presenter doesn't actually have a clue what they're talking about - so they can't even be sure the presenter is accurate.

I can think of 5 reasons why tech companies are better off with a technical presenter at tradeshows:

  1. They actually understand what they're pitching - I've watched countless presenters reading over their scripts just before the show floor opens, hoping to get it right. Instead, by having an understanding of the tech they're talking about, your message can be crafted not just by someone in product marketing who has never spoken at a tradeshow, but can be created in collaboration with someone that "gets it" and can communicate it, making a better message and more powerful presentation.

  2. They can demo your product - Buyers want to see your stuff, not be bored with "death by PowerPoint." A technical presenter can both cover the slides and then integrate a live demonstration of your product.

  3. They can be passionate - Technical presenters love technology, so the passion, excitement and energy comes through - all making a more engaging presentation. And, in reference to #1 - it's hard to be passionate about a script you've memorized.

  4. They build credibility - When they buyer can tell the presenter is technical and knows their stuff, it lends credibility to the message being delivered about your product.

  5. They can tailor the presentation - A technical presenter understands the challenges their audience is going through and can adjust the presentation on the fly to best engage the audience. For example, your product works on both Linux and Windows. What if you have nothing but Linux folks in front of your presenter? Wouldn't you want them to talk more about the Linux side of the product, instead of just "sticking to the script" and covering an overview of the features? This is posisbly your once chance to make an impression with those folks.

Don't settle for someone who just learned their script on the plane. Use someone that actually knows what you do, understands the audience and their pains, and can skillfully engage, educate and evangelize the value of your products.

Need a technical presenter at one of your events? Contact us today!

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