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7 Great Other (re)Uses for Your Blog Content

So you posted a blog article, no doubt spouting out some magnificent thought leadership that will change the way the industry thinks about the need for your product.

And then, like most companies, you do nothing else with it.

Why? That's some really great writing and content! My guess is you have no strategy of what else to use blog content for. Here are a few useful ideas of great uses for blog content.

  1. Email Marketing - Not everyone who is a prospect or customer is hitting your blog. Promoting a post with either an abstract or a sneak peek of the content is a great way to engage customers that are disengaged to get them a) thinking about your company again and b) thinking about the need for a solution like yours. The result? Extended reach of your blog content to those who only interact with your company via email.

  2. Public Relations - A good friend of mine does PR in the tech industry and her number 1 problem with clients is getting good content she can promote. Having a blog article, even if not material enough on it's own, can at least serve as an abstract to get an article of the same topic published somewhere other than your website. The trick here is the acticle should be able problems in the industry you solve. The result? More coverage on your company and advertising of the problems you solve.

  3. Syndicate it - there are countless other sites that are starving for content (well, ok - I am being a bit overdramatic, but you get the point). Find other sites that would be interested in your content and allow them to repost it, giving your blog site credit. The result? In essence, free advertising.

  4. Sales Training - If you're not sharing your content with sales, you're missing a critical part of your strategy. Think about it - you spend time crafting some really great thought leadership around some angle that concretely demonstrates the need for your solution... and you're not telling sales about it? They could incorporate that message into their sales pitch, even use a link to the blog to help push an opportunity further down the funnel. The result? A stronger sales force with a better story.

  5. Expanding your Social Media Reach - You probably share each blog post on various social media sites, but, in the spirit of the previous use of blog content, have you considered not just sharing a blog with sales, but getting them to promote it within their sphere of social influence? Sites like hrefshare make it extermely simple to take a link to a blog article and turn it into piece of content for your reps with only a single click. I've used hrefshare, becuase asking a sales rep (who is busy on the phone trying to sell) to do more than click a link and press a "Share" button really work work. I've found this free service to be rather effective in getting reps to share out content. The result? Expanded reach farther than you and your corporate social media channels could reach on their own.

  6. Webinars, Podcasts, oh my! - If the topic is solid enough, it may be worthwhile trying to reach those that have no interest in reading blogs, but will attend a webinar or listen to a podcast by turing the blog content into a completely different format. The result? Engaging a live audience, educating them about your solution.

  7. Whitepapers - A topic can turn into a solid whitepaper - either one that is more topical, educating readers about the problem, or one that is product centric, that sales can use as part of promoting how your solution actually solves a problem. The result? You get to reuse the content, and present it to an audience in yet another medium.

As you can see, there is alot you can do with your blog content. Don't just stop with posting - truly utilize that content and take it out for a spin and see what it can do for you when you make it reach the right person, using the right medium, in the right format.


Let us help turn your blog into additional content - contact us today!

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