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Make Your Demand Generation More Effective With These 3 Processes

Most of you are heads down, pumping out content and creative, bringing in leads, even doing some analysis, but it's not as effective as it could be. Jay Hidalgo breaks down three processes that every marketing team should find time to do in order to improve the quaity and effectiveness of their work. I'll spoil the article a but with the list:

  • Develop a buyer persona.

  • Define the buying process.

  • Develop a content framework.

The most important part of the processes he lists is the first task given in each process (again, a spoiler): Gather Marketing and Sales together. Even I forgot this important step on more than one occaision.

After all, Marketing is no longer just about branding and PR; we're a critical part of the sales process. And what you think about the buyer and the buying process may be vastly different from how the sales reps see it. So to be as effective as possible in the third process (content framework) as you're defining the content strategy needed to fit the buyer(s) and buying process(es), be sure to get input from sales.

Read the entire article here.

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