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Techvangelism in Action - Interop 2014

I had a great time talking to my fellow techies about Netwrix Auditor. We were sitting in the middle of the Security section and even though we were nearly in the back left corner of the show floor (and if you know anything about Interop, you know it's a huge floor), we were about to get over 500 leads with an 8.5% conversion to documented interest in purchasing the solution.

I do want to toot my own horn on this show - notice how every booth in that picture is dead except one! Drawing a crowd in is more than just being about an interesting topic - it's about having an engaging presentation (and presenter!) that gets attendees thinking about the reality of thier problems and how to solve them!

Let us help you with your next tradeshow - contact us today!

Techvangelism in Action
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