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Webinar - It's Only a Matter of Time: Surviving an IT Audit

If you haven’t been through one, IT audits are a painful experience. An auditor starts digging deeper and deeper into your IT security and processes, each question seemingly more impossible than the last. And, unfortunately, you’re probably going to have one soon – it could be part of a compliance initiative or because of a security breach, or just a suspect issue in IT. Whatever the compelling event, an IT audit is in your future.

Watch the recorded webinar with industry experts Alan Shimel and Nick Cavalancia as they discuss:

  • What specific questions are auditors asking IT?

  • How do you prepare for an audit?

  • With the right tools, audits don’t need to be painful.

This recorded webinar will also touch on how Netwrix Auditor empowers you to have the answers before the questions are asked.

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